Emotion leads to action

Be passionate and act. We can all feel overwhelmed by climate change. Here there’s lots of things to start doing.

“The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions” Donald B. Calne, Canadian Neurologist.

We can all feel both the passion to act, and a sense of being overwhelmed in the same moment. By acting we ground ourselves, and see we’re making a practical difference. This site offers 52 climate actions to do.

Have a look and get started: 52 things we can do.

Together we can do this

This really isn’t business as usual – climate change action needs to be a scale and pace to meet the risk, and lower the chances of achieving a rise in temperature from 50%. It is time for seismic shifts, not fiddling around the edges. This is humanities greatest challenge, and we need action at global, national and regional levels. We need bold, positive actions in Eastbourne. Watch We Can Do This.