Housing & Energy Group



  • Keeping our homes warm accounts for 30% of carbon emissions.

  • Changing the way we insulate and then put energy into these homes will make a massive difference to reducing the towns carbon output

  • Imagine what we can do if we can get a 1000 houses or 10,000 houses?

We have a number of projects in the development stage, but listed below are our first two main objectives to help achieve these aims. 

  • Open Homes

    ECO Action Network will be working with Eastbourne Borough Council and developers to support the growth of greener homes in Eastbourne, not only with new builds but also existing builds through retrofitting. The medium for this will be the Open Homes project, showcasing the existing good practise within the town and making this available in a public document and tours.

  • Neighbourhood planning

    This is a way of taking back local control to raise the standards of new buildings and creating sustainable communities within a neighbourhood. This is a massive piece of work that can only be achieved by the public. ECO Action Network will be leading this group to improve the fabric of Eastbourne.

Jim Murray

Group coordinator

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