How you can help

Our community needs your individual contribution. Join us to make a difference to Eastbourne. 

We are looking for people with a variety of skills – project management, social media support, writing and graphic design, gardening and planting, construction, public speaking, animation, surveying, teaching, research and more. 

So whatever is your expertise, you can certainly help us to make Eastbourne a better place. Do it today!

EEAN is becoming an essential forum for engaging with all Eastbourne townspeople. Plastic Free Eastbourne is contributing our experiences of campaigning to this group. We are bringing hundreds of volunteers and campaigners with us. Absolutely every individual and organisation need to feel part of this: working towards a carbon neutral town by 2030.
Oliver Sterno
Community Co-Ordinator of Plastic Free Eastbourne


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Our work is vital and aims to transform the environment in our town and the area. Please donate to enable us to do more, to do it faster. Every pound counts towards achieving a carbon neutral Eastbourne by 2030.

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