Eastbourne Climate Hub



  • We are collaborating with the Eastbourne Climate Coalition - which we are a member of - to set up a Climate Hub within central Eastbourne.

  • We are keen to use the Climate Hub to encourage local people to engage with climate action and to learn about sustainable living generally.

Our Action

Current Activity

  • Searching for premises

    Securing the use of an easily accessible property in central Eastbourne in an area with a high footfall, such as a high street, is the highest priority.

  • pop-up Climate Hubs

    In the meantime we will create temporary Climate Hub events at local festivals and eco events.

Council Consultation Shortcomings

Introduction Consultations are considered valuable for getting community and stakeholder perspectives. There is even an expectation, from the Government, that where applicable consultations may take

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Climate Hub Team

The Eastbourne Climate Coalition

Join Our Group!

To join the Eastbourne Climate Coalition, please email eastbourne@cop26coalition.org.