Switch to Ecotricity with EEAN

Did you know, you can support the Eastbourne ECO Action Network CIC just by paying your energy bills?

Our partner, Ecotricity, is one of the leading green energy suppliers in the country. By switching to Ecotricity with EEAN you will support our effort to turn Eastbourne and the area carbon neutral.

Ecotricity will donate up to £60 to Eastbourne ECO Action Network CIC if you switch your energy supply. And, in our own turn, we will donate to the Eastbourne Fuel Poverty Scheme by Eastbourne Foodbank.

Your Priorities is an online Think Tank where your ideas on how to tackle climate change can be stored, discussed, developed, prioritised and shared with others. ECO Action Network cannot succeed without your ideas, your thoughts and your active participation in both discussion and action.

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How Big Is Your Carbon Footprint?

Our New Leaf Video is an easy way to show how we can change our everyday life in order to make it greener and, therefore, to low your carbon footprint. It really is time to turn over a new leaf, starting now.  You can use this video in your own presentations and talks to deliver the message of change. Please say thank you to us for providing you with free resources by making a donation.

Free Video Resources

Use free video links to show your audience how to low their carbon footprint. Please make sure to give credit to the ECO Action Network Eastbourne and animator Richard Jackson when using these videos.