Group Communication

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Communication Tools

ECO Action Network encourages its action groups to establish their own way of communication and project management. We highlight a few digital tools the groups can use in the remit of the Network’s activities. There is no obligation for you to use the recommended tools, your group can choose its own. We recommend using a number of these tools in combination to achieve the best communication results.


Benefits: A quick exchange between all members of the group, prompt sharing of the media files.

Limitations: Doesn't differentiate between members or who receives messages, which might become problematic when the number of members grows. Although there is a desktop version, the app is primarily used on mobile limiting the chances to create reliable data storage.

Recommended Use: This communication channel is a good option for less formal but efficient exchange of information on the projects, arranging of a quick meeting or checking the opinion of the group members on a certain subject.

Group Email

Benefits: is an online resource that allows you to create an easy email subscription for your group members. The members don't have to have an account - any email address can subscribe or be added by the moderator. Allows multiple ways of communication - anyone can send an email to the entire group, to which group members can reply privately. Media files and links sharing. Allows embedding to the webpages. Allows topics differentiation.

Limitations: Depending on group ethics, can overwhelm members' email accounts with irrelevant emails. Recommended for use with an email client.

Recommended Use: General communication within group, file exchange.

Trello Board

Benefits: Trello is a web-based project management software that allows you to plan, structure and manage a project, effectively communicate with your team, work collaboratively and store the project-related data.

Limitations: Group members might need training to use the board effectively. With multiple note on the board less active members might become overwhelmed with email notifications. Data is stored online and requires a backup to be secure.

Recommended Use: Trello is most effective when used by the limited number of the most active members of your group for managing specific projects rather than for general communication. A new board should be created for each project.

Facebook Groups & Social Media

Benefits: Active promotion of group's activities, goals, events to general audience. An opportunity to engage new members, especially amongst younger audiences. Easy and wide sharing of the group's information beyond its membership.

Limitations: Isn't inclusive of those who do not use social media. Facebook group participation requires admin moderation. As a public-facing way of communication requires awareness of the implications of the publicly shared messages, and the impact it might have on the group and the Network as a whole.

Recommended Use: Advertising for public events, creating a visualised story of the group activities, attracting new potential members.

Video Conference