Logo for Sustainable Transport and active travel summit 2023. Includes green circle with Eastbourne Carbon Neutral 2030 and a white cloud with C)2 and an arrow to indicate CO2 levels decreasing


 The workshops are being held 14:25 – 15:05

Sign-up sheets will be available in the foyer, by the registration desk. Please sign-up so we can make sure we have enough chairs.

The School Run

How do we enable more people to walk, or cycle, to school?

Facilitator: Gem Aellah

Connected Cycling

Can we create a network of safe cycle routes connecting people to each other and the places they need to be?

Facilitator: David Everson

Whole journeys, by bus, train, bike …

How do we achieve a truly integrated transport system, that enables people to lead fulfilling lives without having to drive everywhere 

Facilitator: Chris Todd

Urban logistics - transport for business & deliveries

How can we deliver goods and services more sustainably, without disrupting business?


Facilitator: Matthew Bird

Transport for tourism & events

How do we enable tourism to prosper and bring visitors into Eastbourne without adding to air pollution and congestion?

Facilitator: Brett Wright

Promoting Active Travel through Place Making

How do we overcome the physical and social structures that make active travel difficult?

Facilitator: Human Nature