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  • We are connected via WhatsApp group chat where you can always ask a question or request support

  • Core group meet once a month. The wider EEEN with all education institution members, parents and students meet every term

  • We offer free events for schools, colleges and educators

Our Action

Current Activity

  • Taskforce Teams

    We are currently putting together different taskforce teams for each of the campaign we are launching from September, which include our education group members as well as relevant members from other working groups and practitioners and providers (eg Ovesco are part of solar panel team; Living Streets and SusTrans reps in Transport group). Each team will work together to create a package that will make it easy and attractive for education institutions to make eco-changes. In all this we cooperate with the Eco Schools Programme, which we encourage all EEEN members to join, helping Eastbourne institutions to gain Green Flags.

  • Rapid Transition Alliance

    During lockdown, we are providing schools with information about a series of eco Webinars for school children run by ECO Action Families.

  • Webinar on Plastic Pollution

    Sign up for the next Webinar on Plastic Pollution on the 4th June 2020, 19.00-20.00

Group Leaders

Pauline von Hellermann

Dr Pauline von Hellermann

Group Chair

James Murray

Eastbourne Councillor

Oliver Sterno

Plastic Free Eastbourne

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