Climate Adaptation Group



  • Assessment of the specific climate impacts that will predominate in the Eastbourne area.

  • Facilitating projects that help to relocalise key support networks that Eastbourne depends on for economic sustainability, especially the food supply and distribution network.

  • Networking with organisations that can help increase local resilience and sustainability.

  • Recovery Strategy

    We are contributing to a project within the EEAN on what lessons can be learned from the COVID19 pandemic to ensure better preparedness and more agile responses to future shocks, such as further pandemics and worsening climate impacts.

  • Rapid Transition Alliance

    The EEAN has applied to become an affiliate of the Rapid Transition Alliance. This will help inform our work and also help raise local awareness of what is possible to achieve by 2030.

  • Local Food Distribution

    We are collaborating with the Food Adaptation Working Group and the Eastbourne Food Partnership to help build a resilient community food network that links local food producers/suppliers more closely with the town, reducing dependence on international just-in-time food chains, and ultimately reducing food miles, food waste, and food poverty.

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Eastbourne Businesses – What Can You Do?

The two biggest uses of carbon are buildings and transport. Energy used in buildings emits 63% of the carbon used in our town. Buildings use energy for electricity for powering lights, computers etc and for heating. Gas heating is in a large percentage of buildings for hot water and heating.

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Andrew Durling

Andrew Durling

Group Chair

Sally Lee

Old Town Community Food Hub trial

Caroline Tradewell

Eastbourne Food Partnership

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