Carbon Capture Group



  • We identify public land suitable for large scale planting and rewilding projects, and seek to fund and resource those projects.

  • We are making urban greening projects possible that would otherwise be too costly.

  • We target private sector landowners, businesses and homeowners encouraging them to plant more on their land.

  • We are planning a community tree nursery that will supply high volumes of low cost UK native trees for both public and private sector planting.

  • We are working collaboratively with EBC and the South Downs National Park to ensure the best recovery from the devastating ash dieback disease that will cost us 100 000 trees.

  • We’re looking into developing offshore Carbon Capture of the underwater kelp forest.

We have over a dozen projects either underway or about to start. The highlights include:

  • Tugwell Park

    Our first large scale tree planting project on public land with EBC. Currently in funding and planning stage.

  • Eastbourne Station

    We’ve been working with Southern Rail on a project aimed at bringing a range of trees, shrubs and greenery to Eastbourne Station main concourse and surroundings.

  • Community Nursery

    We are preparing the first two sites of our community nursery, that will supply thousands of trees to our planting projects over the next ten years, and we’re actively searching for more locations.

  • Tree Coverage

    We are working on calculating a baseline for current tree cover in the local area against which we can track our progress.

Eastbourne Seafront by Paul Gillett

Cycle Lanes along the Seafront

Compromise, conciliation, and consultation, all seem such reasonable words, and opponents to cycling often use them against Bespoke Cycle Group. They are perhaps partly the reason that active travel (buses, cycling and walking) in Eastbourne is in decline.

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tree planting

We’re working with the council and independently, to find sites – large and small – where we can plant trees. Our aim is to maximise the capture of CO2 emissions before they can escape into the upper atmosphere and wreak havoc on the planet’s climate.

Adam Rose

Group coordinator FotE Tree Group

Hazel Brent

FotE Tree Group

Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde

FotE Tree Group

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