Biodiversity & Food Group



  • Identify and support local producers and suppliers, looking to increase the quantity, quality, and diversity of locally produced food.

  • Act as a hub between key stakeholders, linking up local producers, suppliers and consumers to create an integrated local food network.

  • Encourage and support regenerative agricultural practice to increase yield, improve soil quality and reinstate lost biodiversity.

  • Reduce food waste by linking up surplus food with community groups and services who can use it. Reduce of excess packaging along the food chain.

We are following the Brighton Food Partnership that offers an inspiring neighbouring model of a highly successful local food network.  Their Food Strategy Action Plan 2018-2023 offers an active blueprint for a sustainable food city that we can learn from and work to emulate here in Eastbourne. 

Government Announces UK is Failing on CO2 Emissions

Eastbourne Borough Council, like many other local authorities, has committed to do all it can to reduce carbon emissions in the town to net-zero by 2030 and has declared a climate emergency. However, much of this cannot be achieved without Government initiatives. Their advisers this week are warning that the UK is falling behind on its own target to cut greenhouse gas emissions and risks an increase in CO2 emissions now that the COVID-19 lockdown is easing.

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Caroline Tradewell

Eastbourne Food Partnership

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Andrew Durling

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